What is the Informal Organization?

The informal organization is a network of personal and social relationships that arises spontaneously as people associate with each other in the work

What is an Informal Organization?

The informal organization is a network of personal and social relationships that arises spontaneously as people associate with each other in the work environment.

It is a self-grouping of people because of shared interests, social and educational backgrounds, personalities, and shared needs. The informal organization cuts across the formal organization chart.

The informal organization is a group of people who share a common interest in a particular topic. These groups may have members who are interested in different aspects of the same topic, or they may have members who are focused on specific topics. In some cases, these groups may even be organized around a single person's interests. Groups often meet online, via email, or over social networks.

There are many types of informal organizations. These are described here.


1. Anarchism

Anarchists believe that people should live free from government control. They believe that individuals have the right to do whatever they want without being punished by the state. Anarchists believe that the only way to achieve freedom is to abolish the state.

2. Syndicalism

Syndicalists believe that workers should organize themselves into unions and fight for their rights together. They believe that businesses should be owned by the workers who work them, not by shareholders. Syndicalists believe that the best way to achieve equality is to take power away from those who already have it.

3. Communism

Communists believe that society should be organized according to the principles of communism. They believe that everyone should share equally and that no one should own property. Communists believe that the best way for people to achieve equality is to overthrow capitalism and establish a communist system.

4. Socialism

Socialists believe that the government should provide social services and protect its citizens' rights. They believe that the government should redistribute wealth and give equal opportunities to everyone. Socialists believe that the best way to achieve equality is to create a socialist economy.

5. Fascism

Fascists believe that the government has the right to rule over its citizens. They believe that the best way of achieving equality is to make sure that everyone obeys the rules set by the government.

6. Liberalism

Liberals believe that the government should limit its powers and leave people alone. They believe that the individual should be able to decide what he/she wants to do with his/her life. Liberals believe that the best way is to allow people to pursue happiness freely.

7. Conservatism

Conservatives believe that the government should stay out of people's lives unless they need help. They believe that the people should be allowed to keep the money they earn. Conservatives believe that the best way toward equality is to let people choose how they want to live their lives.

At last we can tell that The Informal Organization (also known as the “I”) is a loose group of individuals who have similar interests. These people might hang out together often at certain locations or they may just meet up for coffee once a month. Most of the time these groups don't have any structure. There is no set leader or president, and members generally do not follow a specific rulebook. Instead, these social gatherings tend to be based around a shared interest, whether it's music, sports, politics, or hobbies.

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