Types of Tourism

Definition of Tourism

When the people go to an attraction, enjoy the attraction, get accommodated, and spend money on the spot, and this spot must be outside of their domestic area, it is called tourism.

Who perform these actions, are called tourists.

Types of Tourism

There are many kinds of tourism.

Types of Tourism

1. Accessible tourism: This kind of tourism is to meet the needs of physically disabled people.

2. Active tourism: It combines elements of adventure, nature, and cultural tourism with low impact and sustainable tourism. The tourists use local guides here.
3. Adventure tourism: In this tourism, tourists visit and travel with a group or alone to know the unknown and to explore the unexplored with taking a high risk.
4. Agri-tourism: Traveling to agricultural areas.
5. Business tourism: The tourists travel to a place for the purpose of business activities and visit an attraction in their leisure time.
6. Cultural tourism: The people involved in this kind of tourism to know the culture of others.

7. Dark tourism: Travel or visit places that are associated with death and suffering.
8. Debauchery tourism: Travel for the purpose of drinking and round-the-clock partying that is frequently erotic in nature.
9. Disaster tourism: Travel to places where disasters have occurred.
10. Ecotourism: Nature-based tourism where there will be no negative impact on the environment.
11. Educational tourism: Traveling for the purpose of taking education.
12. Ecotourism: Travel to know primitive cultures and societies.
13. Extreme tourism: Tourism to a war zone.
14. Flashpacking: Luxury backpacking, is characterized by top-of-the-line equipment and clothing and lavish spending on meals, overnight accommodation, and various tourist activities.
15. Free hiking: The practice of hiking naked.
16. Gastro-tourism: Travel is undertaken solely.
17. Grief tourism: Travel to the scene of a disaster or tragedy to mourn.
18. Health/Medical tourism: Make a tour for the purpose of medical treatment.
19. Hedonistic tourism: Traveling to seek pleasurable activities.
20. Hobby tourism: Travel with a group who have the same interests
21. Hunting tourism: Traveling or the purpose of hunting.

22. Inclusive tourism: Designed for the purpose of the special needs of those with physical disabilities or other limitations.
23. Intellectual tourism: Educational

24. Narco tourism: Travel to use drugs that may or may not be permitted in a country to use.
25. Nature-based tourism: Travel to a place with respect and without degrading nature.
26. Party tourism: People under 30.
27. Perpetual tourism: Traveling almost constantly, with no fixed abode.

28. Religious tourism: The oldest form of tourism and involves people traveling.
29. RVing: Travel in a recreational vehicle over extended periods of time.
30. Soft adventure: Not demanding physically.
31. Space tourism: Very expensive tourism.
32. Sports tourism: Travel for the purpose of watching the sort.
33. Sustainable tourism: Make a tour without degrading and depleting the environment.
34. Vagabonding: Independents travel for an extended period of time. Voluntourism: Travel to engage in humanitarian.
35. Weather tourism: Recreational travel to view or experience

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