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Different Perspectives of Tourism? Tourism stakeholders

Any attempt to define tourism and to describe its scope fully must consider the various group that participates in and are affected by this industry. Their perspectives are vital to the development of a comprehensive definition. Four different perspectives of tourism can be identified -

1. The tourist: 
The tourist seeks various psychic and physical experiences and satisfactions. The nature of these will determine the destinations chosen and the activities enjoyed.

2. The business providing tourist goods and services:
Business people see tourism as an opportunity to make a profit by supplying the goods and services that the tourist market demands.

3. The government of the host community or area:
Politicians view tourism as a wealth factor in the economy of their jurisdictions. Their perspective is related to the incomes their citizens can earn from this business. Politicians also consider the foreign exchange receipts from international tourism as well as the tax receipts collected from tourist expenditures, either directly or indirectly. The government can play an important role in tourism policy, development, promotion and implementation.

4. The host community:
Local people usually see tourism as a cultural and employment factor. Of importance to this group, for example, is the effect of the interaction between large numbers of international visitors and residents. This effect may be beneficial or harmful, or both.

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